Roles we fill

O’Malley Sorohan focuses on senior leadership roles in high-growth, entrepreneurial businesses. We have worked on a wide variety of roles including:

We don’t see it as simply filling stereotypical role definitions - we see it as problem solving.

Each role is unique, with a unique set of nuances to be understood and defined.
However, in our experience, there are
different watch-outs when filling each role.

Click on the options below for examples of things we think about for different categories of roles:

    • Getting right blend of skills – evangelist, door opener, relationship manager, strategist, commercial negotiator, product / industry expert
    • Knowledge and contacts - importance of industry knowledge & contacts are often over-rated
    • Dynamic nature of product – comfort with selling a product that may be in huge flux
    • Personal dynamic within leadership team - particularly where founders are involved
    • Diversity – diversity essential, but not diversity of values
    • Decision making – founders’ genuine interest in delegating decision-making vs recruiting a title without the authority
    • Functional leadership vs. business leadership - candidate must demonstrate that they can play credible role at leadership table, beyond the jurisdictions of function
    • Seniority & experience - many early-stage businesses over-promote too early
    • Pragmatism - delivering operational excellence within a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment
    • Role in external stakeholder engagement – often need leader who is not just the ops guy, but is also client-facing, a fundraiser, etc.
    • Breadth of control - the shape of the operational team can be varied & dynamic - in-house, contractors, outsource partners, off-shore 

We define success not in terms of filling roles but in terms of
client business value creation.